Becoming More

Becoming More

“Becoming” is such a beautiful word.

It’s hopeful, ambitious, forward-thinking, and incomplete…in the best possible way.

This is the word we choose to share this next chapter of our Brio story.

Brio is becoming a social enterprise.

It’s a simple statement. But what does it mean? A “social enterprise” is difficult to pin down because it isn’t an official designation like a nonprofit corporation. Instead it reflects the commitment of a company to aiming beyond simple economics. 

Typical for-profit businesses have one bottom line: profit

Social enterprises have a triple bottom line: people, the planet, and profit

From the beginning, Brio has been about more than making money. Take a look back to our Starting Over blog post and you’ll see our top two reasons for starting Brio were to: 

  1. Make a difference in this world
  2. Empower others by sharing what we know

It’s right there! Social values have been baked into the foundation of our business from the start. But the question we have been asking ourselves during this important rediscovery period is this:

How do we turn our values into ACTION?

This monumental question stopped us dead in our tracks. Despite all our incredible momentum since the launch, we needed to take some time to address the elephant in the room. So we dusted off our trusty business plan and took a hard look at ourselves. 

The result? A revelation.

We realized that we were missing something. We live by our Credo (values statement), but where was our mission statement? 

Values statements are inward-facing, describing how our culture drives exceptional work for our clients. But a mission statement is outward-facing, a declaration to the universe of what you actually do for others. This was the answer to the monumental question.

With our new foundation in place, it was relatively easy to proclaim our purpose to the universe:


Joyfully serving and empowering organizations
that are making the world a better place.

Empowering others has become as important as anything else we do and it’s the crux of our shift toward becoming a social enterprise. We have always offered paid services (that’s how we get the “profit” part) but now we’re looking for ways to lift up people and support the planet.

We’ve been working overtime to understand what this all means for Brio. Our entire business focus has shifted as we explore new offerings and ways that we can empower others. And we can’t wait to talk more about it!

The word “becoming” is so perfect for describing our metamorphosis because we are in the midst of figuring it all out. We are reshaping our business to think of those that we want to serve and empower. Our foundation has never been stronger because we aspire to do big things beyond profit.

As we said in our Starting Over blog post,

“We intend to be a part of changing the world for the better. We know marketing, so we’re starting here.”

Starting here, but heading where? Becoming what? 

The sky is the limit and there’s no telling where we could ultimately end up going, but no matter what we do next, it’s all toward a singular goal: Becoming more.