Kindness is Power #NonprofitShowcase

Kindness is Power #NonprofitShowcase

Welcome to our monthly #NonprofitShowcase!

Today’s theme: Kindness is Power.

These three nonprofits took simple yet beautiful ideas and turned them into powerful messages and programs that are changing the world for the better. Get ready to be inspired.

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All Are Welcome Here

“All Are Welcome Here” stands for a simple idea: Respect, love, and dignity for all. Since 2016, this woman-owned business has raised almost $55,000 for its Minnesota community. 

Started by graphic designer, Jaime Chismar, “All Are Welcome Here” is dedicated to building a world where everyone, regardless of background, sexual orientation, gender identification, skin color, or disability are included and valued. 

Want to help spread the love? From lawn signs to cute t-shirts, you can proudly promote this amazing message of kindness (in a variety of languages too!) Browse and buy >>

(Plus 10% of online sales go to support American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
, an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of All.)

Ben’s Bells​

Nominated by Barbara Bass, who sent us the Ben’s Bell hanging in our office right now!

Inspired by the kindness that supported her through the death of her 3 year old son, Jeannette Maré founded Ben’s Bells in his honor. This organization makes beautiful bells and distributes them into the Tucson, Arizona community as a random act of kindness, leaving them in public spaces for people to find.

This simple and inspiring message of kindness has expanded to art studios, mural programs and free kindness education programs for schools, prisons, and businesses.

Although you can only find the full-size Ben’s Bells in Arizona, you can buy all sorts of other merchandise that supports the amazing programs that promote kindness as a practice. Browse and buy >>

The Sandwich Project Minnesota

Sandwiches for the homeless. Could there be anything kinder? The Sandwich Project Minnesota is helping feed about 4,500 people per week! That’s a powerful impact.

Inspired by other Twin Cities based marketing teams (featured above), we are proud to help toward this big goal. On August 12, we will be making 150 sandwiches with our biz bestie Koriko Creative to donate to local homeless shelters through The Sandwich Project Minnesota.

Facts: A team of six can make 150 sandwiches in 30 minutes. Supplies cost about $100 and Coborn’s gives back 5% of the order to the Sandwich Project. 150 sandwiches can change lives.

Turn your kindness into a nutritious donation for someone in need. Learn more >>

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